About Us

Lucky Store Enterprise

Welcome to Lucky Store Enterprise, headquartered in Masai, Johor, Malaysia. Our business revolves around the profound principles of Feng Shui, offering a wide array of services and products aimed at enhancing the harmony and prosperity of individuals and spaces. From meticulously crafted Feng Shui mascots, consecrated by orthodox Taoism, to personalised Feng Shui surveys for homes, stores, and office buildings, we are dedicated to empowering our clients with the ancient wisdom of energy balance and alignment. Our expertise extends to numerology services, including personal ‘Ba Zi’ as well as birth date selection and the naming of babies, providing valuable insights into the cosmic influences shaping one's destiny. Additionally, we conduct Puja ceremonies and offer Taoist courses, enriching the spiritual journey of those seeking profound connections with the forces that govern our existence.

Immerse yourself in the world of ancient wisdom and positive energy with Lucky Store Enterprise. Our Feng Shui mascots stand as the embodiment of positive energy and blessings. We have carefully designed various Feng Shui mascots for the general public. After being blessed by orthodox Taoism, believers can offer prayers for their wishes to come true. It is believed that this practice enhances overall well-being and brings about better fortune in life. Our commitment to authenticity and tradition ensures that each service we offer, from Feng Shui surveys to numerology consultations, is conducted with the utmost precision and reverence. Join us on a transformative journey where ancient wisdom meets modern aspirations, and let Lucky Store guide you towards a harmonious and prosperous future.

欢迎莅临总部位于马来西亚柔佛州马赛的Lucky Store Enterprise,我们将倾情为您解读古老智慧中蕴含的奥秘。本馆的事业围绕风水深邃的原理展开,为您提供一系列旨在提升个体与环境和谐繁荣的服务与产品。从由正统道教祈福的精心制作的风水吉祥物,到为家庭、商店和办公楼量身定制的风水勘测,我们致力于引领您领悟古老的能量平衡和宇宙对齐的智慧。此外,本馆也提供了专业的命理服务,包括个人八字和宝宝择日及命名。本馆也会举行各种法会,譬如祈福法会与神诞,以及提供相关课程,以让您深入了解并融入这个悠久的智慧传承。