旺英堂推出的[九运吉昌山海镇]是强大的进化加强版,欢迎您向我们联系以接收更进一步的讯息。尺寸:约34cm x 25cm

用法:挂在屋内客厅 或 摆设(可以WhatsApp询问,确认位子)

It is said that the ShanHaiZhen(Mountain and Sea山海镇) possesses the power to move mountains and seas, reversing yin and yang. It has a very good effect on the layout of homes, supporting various environmental negative energies and the prosperity of the house itself. However, it must be commanded by a teacher knowledgeable in the mystical arts for it to be effective. 
Our [9 Prosperity ShanHaiZhen] have nine talismans to help everyone boost wealth and ensure safety. 

One of the nine talismans is the [Harmony and Wealth Attracting Talisman]. As long as the talisman is present, it can stimulate the attraction of noble people and good relationships, allowing business transactions to proceed smoothly and achieve financial prosperity.

Another talisman, the [Day and Night Wealth Talisman], attracts wealth gods from all directions to bring wealth into our homes, ideal for those who wish to enhance their financial fortune. The talisman contains powerful deities that attract legitimate wealth, unexpected wealth, and side wealth from all directions.

Among the nine talismans is the [Eight Horses Chasing Wealth Talisman], which has eight divine horses that swiftly bring prominent wealth and prosperity to the owner.

Since it is a treasure hung in homes, of course, there is the [Home Protection Talisman]. This talisman acts as if you have hired a guard to watch over your home 24 hours a day, ensuring safety for you and your family.

If the home is disturbed by fierce spirits, our Mountain and Sea Guardian also has the [Five Thunder Exorcism Talisman], preventing evil spirits from invading the body of the homeowner and protecting against curses. This talisman effectively blocks evil spirits and witchcraft.

Our [9 Prosperity ShanHaiZhen] with a red background represents the red associated with the nine cycles, enhancing the home's energy. Our mountain is a gold mountain, based on the principle of fire overcoming metal for wealth, symbolizing endless wealth like a treasure mountain.

Our [9 Prosperity ShanHaiZhen] come in two types.
The convex [9 Prosperity ShanHaiZhen] acts as the home's armor, protected by the ancestral commands and teachings, safeguarding our home from any harm.
The concave  [9 Prosperity ShanHaiZhen] is hung inside the home to channel and enhance the positive energy. This aligns with the most important Feng Shui principle of gathering wind and collecting energy, making the home's atmosphere vibrant and prosperous, uniting the family in health and wealth, and enhancing the home's fortune and luck.

Our [9 Prosperity ShanHaiZhen] is a powerful upgraded version, and we welcome you to contact us for more information.
Size: About 33cm x 25cm
Usage: Hang outside the house (you can WhatsApp to inquire about the exact placement).



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